Woods PF4448S

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  • 48-inch fork length
  • Single-piece high back guard with visibility cut-outs to fit your prime mover and application
  • Standard forged clevis for lifting from a single point on the frame
  • Certified, forged steel fork tines (ISO Class 2A) for strength and long life
  • Robotically welded for consistent high quality


Operating weight 428 lbs. (195 kg)
Working width 48" (1,219 mm)
Fork capacity at 19.7" from fork frame face 4,400 lbs. (1,818 kg)
Fork tine dimensions 1.4 x 3.9" (35 x 100 mm)
Fork soread range 16.38 - 40.38" (416 - 1,026 mm)
Fork type double lock down rail
Back guard full height, high visibility