Woods LPLB84

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  • 84-inch width
  • Low profile, long bottom construction bucket
  • Longer bottom for improved operator visibility
  • Universal skid steer hitch per SAE J2513
  • Square back design for easy reverse grading
  • Rounded moldboard for maximum loading and unloading
  • High-strength torque and hitch components to resist bucket twist, even in the worst conditions


Working width 84"
Approximate Operating Weight 575 lbs.
Length (depth) 39.5 in
Height 19.9"
Heaped Capacity 20.5 ft³
Struck Capacity 29.8 ft³
Options Optional bolt-on reversible cutting edge, bolt-on
series Fabco® or 23 series Hensley® teeth, and
bolt-on standard duty toothbar