Woods RB1010

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  • 10-foot moldboard length
  • Move dirt, grade driveways, and clear snow
  • Available as fully hydraulic, fully manual or a combination of cylinder options
  • Fully hydraulic models allow precise blade and material control (angle, tilt and offset)
  • Tough, dozer-type full box construction
  • Three-point hitch: CAT 2 and 3



Tractor hitch Cat 2 & 3
Tractor Engine HP 80 - 150 hp
Working width 119"
Moldboard height 18"
Moldboard thickness .25"
Approximate weight 1,535 lbs.
Pivot angle up to 60° each side fwd / up to 60° each side rev
Tilt up to 28°
Offset up to 23.5" left or right
End plates -
Skid shoes -
Tailwheel optional
ASABE quick-hitch compatible yes
Parking Stand standard