Massey Ferguson 7718S

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The next generation of cost-effective power.

  • Engine Power Management - 30HP Boost - These tractors have the considerable benefit of Engine Power Management (EPM), which gives the capability of up to a 30 hp-plus power boost, plus extra torque, whenever that bit extra is needed.
  • Simple, Multi-Function Left-Hand Control - The Power Control lever provides convenient three-in-one, straightforward operation. Operators can shuttle between forward/reverse, shift Dynashift speeds/ranges, and select neutral, leaving the right hand free to operate the loader/implement hydraulics.
  • Agco Power Engine - 6.6 Litre AGCO POWER 6 Cylinder Engine.
  • All-In-One Stage V Engines - These comply with strict Stage V emission regulations using Massey Ferguson’s award-winning "All-in-One" system, which now includes a straightforward soot catalyst.
  • Dyna-6 - Delivering class-leading dynamic performance and reliability, the semi-powershift transmission consists of six Dynashift ratios, optimally stepped in four ranges and changed without engaging the clutch pedal.
  • Dyna-VT - With the continuously variable Dyna-VT transmission, Massey Ferguson engineers have developed a system of power transfer that sets a new benchmark for ease of use and precision.

The cabs on the MF 7700 S Series provide an environment designed specifically to counter stress and fatigue by providing unparalleled comfort, simplicity and visibility. Features such as automatic beacon activation and comfort light delayed switch-off are a welcome addition.

  • 12 LED Lights - Outside, up to 12 LED lights turn night into day with outstanding brilliance and low energy consumption. The LED package is also visibly striking during daylight hours, as their design enhances the tractor‘s external appearance.
  • Mechanical Cab Suspension - Mechanical cab suspension performs an excellent job of evening out irregularities in the terrain by means of a pair of shock absorbers.
  • Classic Cab - This may be the base specification but it’s anything but basic. It provides all the key qualities you would expect from a Massey Ferguson tractor – simplicity, logic and versatility – but without excessive sophistication.
  • Deluxe Cab - This option, with its more advanced features, is made for more intensive, larger-scale operations seeking cost-effective benefits for the business. The Deluxe cab enables the operator to work faster, to a higher standard and with more accuracy.
  • New Dashboard With SIS - The slim dashboard design provides for quick, clear and easy analysis of operating data, presented on the easy-to-read color Setup and Information Screen (SIS).
  • Air Conditioning - Air conditioning is, of course, a standard feature and can be automatic to pre-set and monitor cab conditions. External mirrors can also be heated to maintain safety and convenience during winter work.
  • Attention To Detail - Creature comforts and ease of movement have been further enhanced, from cab access to seating to ambient air. A wide choice of seats is available, including heated, along with cool storage and a Bluetooth® radio (DAB option).

Modern implements are placing more and more demands upon the tractors that power them, which are asked to perform faster and respond better. The MF 7700 S Series comes with greater capability to easily handle heavy-duty applications with outstanding lift and drive capacities for the latest implements.

  • Accurate Draft Control - Massey Ferguson’s digital ELC system gives the highest standards of draft control with more accurate depth settings and better ground contour following.
  • Automatic Stabilizer Installation - Automatic stabilizer installation has also been improved with a shorter chain for the simplest installation. A one way stabilizer each side offers extra reliability.
  • Electronic Linkage Control - ELC - The industry leading ELC is provided as standard. The system provides precise and responsive control of linkage functions ensuring accurate management of working depth for soil engaging implements plus working height for other implements.
  • Active Transport Control - When driving across the headland or transporting heavy mounted equipment, implement "bounce" can occur. Active Transport Control is a shock-absorbing system that minimizes the "pitching" action, automatically adjusting for different implement weights.
  • Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) - A heavy-duty Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) is available as an option and is designed to match the front suspension.
  • 113" Wheelbase - The long wheelbase — 113 inches — ensures superior traction. Optimal weight distribution — nearly 50/50 — provides reassuring stability.
  • Dual Control - Dual Control is an exclusive MF option. It ensures total synchronization of both front and rear linkages via a single command. This is particularly effective in boosting efficiency on headlands.
  • Front PTO System - A front PTO system is also available as an option to add flexibility and gives you the opportunity to use both a front and rear implement.
  • Quadlink2 Suspension System - All models benefit from the Quadlink2 suspension, which boosts both operator comfort and adds machine maneuverability. The combination of two cylinders and three accumulators delivers an extremely comfortable ride.
  • New 76" Diameter Rear Tire - New standards of ground traction are set by the new 76-inch diameter rear tire, available on all MF 7716 S and MF 7718 S models as an option. Ground clearance is enhanced and soil compaction reduced.
  • Load Sensing Hydraulic System - The MF 7700 S Series provides a load-sensing hydraulic system as standard, delivering 29 GPM, 39 GPM and 50 GPM. Each capacity combines high output with a low fuel requirement.
  • Hitches - A wide range of hitches is also available to meet all requirements: standard clevis, drawbar, hydraulic pick-up hitch or K80 ball hitch, for example.
  • Simple Daily Maintenance - The one-piece bonnet allows easy access to all the key service elements and the cooling system, which is positioned for quick and easy daily cleaning. The fuel fill-up point and tool box are easily accessible for optimum convenience.
  • Continuous Damping Control - The Continuous Damping Control (CDC) employs a pair of active mechanical dampers that constantly monitor driving conditions to provide ride comfort.
  • 10-ton Rear Linkage Capacity - The rear linkage offers a capacity of up to 21,000 pounds. Rear couplers are equipped with a hydraulic decompression system for easy uncoupling of implements and a total of up to five spool valves are available.

Farm Management
The on- and off-board technology solutions incorporated into the MF 7700 S Series are a clear indication of the pace of progress and innovation set by Massey Ferguson. Information is power when it comes to getting the job done more efficiently and more productively. This is why Massey Ferguson delivers straightforward and dependable technology solutions resulting in unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and better profitability through higher yields and lower input costs.

  • Fieldstar 5 - The new FieldStar 5 terminal is designed to create a more intuitive precision farming experience, providing a system that delivers a straightforward and easy-to-use experience, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • MF Connect - MF Connect service enables you — and your dealer — to coordinate, optimize and seamlessly connect your fleet, to better manage maintenance and remotely monitor equipment in the field.
  • Isobus - Reduce the number of additional screens – and eliminate the need for another joystick – with ISOBUS compatibility, a feature integral to the Datatronic specification.
  • MF Task Doc - The MF Task Doc system has a real place in the future of agriculture, helping farmers to become more productive through the knowledge brought by putting precision-measured data at the business owner’s fingertips.
  • MF Guide - MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s full-featured, hands-free steering system, available on new tractors or as an after-market installation. It is capable of delivering precise, high-accuracy movement, increasing the efficiency of your farming.
  • Agcontrol - With the fully automatic Section Control for ISOBUS implements, operators can apply seeds, fertilizer or pesticides without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and areas worked outside of the field edges.


Model 7718S
Max Power (HP) 180
Engine AGCO Power 6.6 L, 6 cylinder SCR
Transmission Dyna-6, Dyna-VT
Max Torque* (Ft. -Lbs.) 840
Lift Capacity (Lbs.) 21,000