Massey Ferguson RB4160V

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  • More Tine Bars - Due to the additional space created through the absence of a cam track, five tine bars are now fitted to the pickup. With the tines spaced just 2.5 inches apart, you get an even better and cleaner crop intake.
  • Offset Tines - When looking at the RB Series pickup, you’ll notice offset tines on the ends. This allows the pickup to continually and consistently feed the crop flow augers, giving you square, shouldered bales.
  • More Durable Tines - The tine is longer, thicker and more flexible for increased lifespan. Improved tine fixation also helps prevent tine breakage, because the tension within the material is more evenly spread.
  • Angled For Cleaner Pick-Up - The angle of the tine has been adjusted to ensure the cleanest possible crop pickup under all crop and soil conditions.
  • Hydroflexcontrol - To maximize efficiency in the field and minimize downtime from crop blockages, the MF Round balers are fitted with the unique Hydroflexcontrol protection system which works in two stages:
    • Stage 1: The first stage of Hydroflexcontrol allows movement of the front part of the feed chamber floor and will automatically prevent up to 80% of potential blockages and will keep you going without unnecessary downtime.
    • Stage 2: Should a major blockage occur, stage two of hydroflexcontrol is activated by the operator, and is cleared by lowering the rear of the feed table floor hydraulically from the cab, allowing for material to easily pass through, therefore minimizing downtime.


  • Improved Crop Throughput - Due to its compact design, the new pickup is positioned closer to the rotor. This ensures an improved crop flow to the bale chamber, giving you increased baling output, with well-shaped, more uniform bales every time.
  • The Highest Bale Compaction - The constant pressure system ensures an equally dense bale throughout, and four continuous belts provide maximum traction while the bale forms, creating the chamber.
  • A Hydraulic Solution From The Cab - In the event of a blockage, the rear of the feed table floor can be lowered hydraulically from the operator’s seat. When lowering the feed floor, all knives are withdrawn, ensuring that the blockage has passed into the bale chamber without any wastage.
  • Consistently Sized Bales - The mechanical tailgate locking system ensures that the tailgate remains completely closed throughout the baling process, giving you consistently sized bales with little crop loss.


  • Varionet Wrapping - The Varionet system provides ‘edge to edge’ or ‘over the edge’ wrapping, for perfect bale coverage every time. This means your bales not only look great, but they’re also completely protected against bad weather and crop losses.
  • ELS Makes It Even Easier - The Easy Load System, or ELS, allows easier loading of the net roll. After loading, the new net roll is simply tipped backward, then lifted and locked into position. It makes the process simple, saving you time and effort.
  • E-Link Pro - The E-link Pro touch-screen monitor lets you track bale formation, control cutter engagement and select knife group from inside the cab. In addition, the baler’s ISOBUS design allows the use of any compatible tractor monitor for baler monitoring/control.



Model RB4160V
Bale Chamber Diameter 35.5"-63"
Bale Chamber Width 48"
Bale Size 4'x5'
Pick-Up Width (flare to flare) 78"
Tine to Tine Width 73"