Massey Ferguson 5400-30

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Improved Header Floatation
Better header floatation allows the header to respond better to uneven terrain, providing a superior cut. Floatation accumulator size has been increased and two additional accumulators have been added for smoother operation.

Automatic Reel Speed
The speed of the reel will adjust to match changes in ground speed without the operator having to make adjustments. This feature is available on headers equipped with hydraulic reel drive.

Quick-Attach Top Link Receiver
A quick-attach top link receiver on all headers provides attaching and detaching.

Independent Reel Drive
The tandem header drive pump of the WR9900 windrower tractor allows for the reel to be independently controlled with one pump while the other controls the sickles and belts. This means dedicated smooth power source for the reel to power through drowned or tough crops.


Model 5400-30
Header Width Ft. (m) 30 (9.1)
Swath Delivery Center, Side
Swath Width In. (m) 78.5 (2)
Hydraulic Knife Drive Double, Single
Knife Guards Standard, SCH