Massey Ferguson 9255-30

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You've seen draper headers. But you've never seen one like this.

  • Heavy duty reel assembly: In order to improve feeding in any condition, the 9255 offers a completely redesigned larger more robust reel assembly. Our new reel gently moves tough tangled crops onto the draper belts for smooth efficient feeding without wrapping improving harvesting efficiency.
  • Single height skid design: The 9255 is equipped with a single height skid shoe design. Height is optimized to achieve the low cut height required in crops such as soybeans, while reducing the potential for crop to enter the bottom side of the draper belts.
  • Improved end skid design: The angle and radius of the end skid has been optimized so that the skid can ride flatter on the ground, increasing the "footprint" of the skid. In addition to the improved skid design, larger hydraulic lines have been added to improve float suspension, leading to more constant ground pressure and reducing end skid wear.

The Massey Ferguson 9255 retains the industry leading features from the proven 9250 series, such as a fully flexible cutter bar with 8” of hydraulic travel, integrated 12 degrees of hydraulic tilt with mechanical driven cutter bar and draper belts.

  • Optimized cutter bar angle: Cutter bar tilt angle in the 9255 has been tilted back 5 degrees over previous models to maintain the optimal cutter bar to ground angle as the header is pitched forward. This improved cutter bar profile reduces cutter bar to ground contact as the header is pitched forward.
  • Long divider rods: The 9255 is equipped with a new long divider design which improves separation of the crop in densely tangled conditions, improves feeding onto the draper belts, reduces wrapping around the reel, and provides excellent visibility to the leading edge of the header.
  • Flywheel sickle drives: The 9255 is equipped with a mechanical driven flywheel sickle drive gearbox. This design narrows the width of the end skid and header end panel approximately 3” on each end over previous models. This decreased width reduces damage and loss in uncut standing crop.


Model 9255-30
Cutting Width ft (m) 30 (9.1)
Cutter Bar High Capacity or SCH
Cutter Bar Float in (mm) 8 (203.2)
Cutter Bar Drive Dual Mechanical