Massey Ferguson MF 941 Non Self-Leveling / NOT AVAILABLE

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Utility & Mid-Range Loaders

Need an extra pair of (very strong) hands?  Take a look at our line of Utility & Mid-Range Loaders. Then choose the one that's right for you, your tractor type, and your loading needs.

  • Take a load off
    Spend less time getting your loader on and off with the pedestal mount design of these loaders

  • Lock & load
    Our "Quick Lock" bucket system helps you quickly change attachments and avoid major headaches

  • Reliable economy
    Our MF L210 has a lower price point and a proven wrap-around mount design

  • Just skidding
    The universal skid steer type quick release on L210, DL 250 and DL260 loaders lets you use skid steer attachments


Model MF 941 Non Self-Leveling
Lift Height @ Pivot Pin (in) 147
Lift Capacity @ Pivot Pin,
lift height (lbs)
Lift Capacity @ 800mm Pivot Pin,
59in lift height (lbs)
Compatibility 5609, 5610, 5611, 5612, 5613