Massey Ferguson 9565


9505 Series Axial Combines



Advanced Yield and Guidance Options

9505 series combines are available with optional Auto-Guide 3000 and Ag Leader yield sensing technology components from the factory. These options ensure 9505 series combines contain the technology you need to quickly, accurately and efficiently harvest your crop.


The industry leading V-Cool system automatically reverses the cooling fan at predetermined intervals, and automatically adjusts fan speed based on engine temperature. The V-Cool system results in reduced downtime, increased capacity with decreased fuel usage.

Powered Grain Saver

The industry exclusive powered grain saver option eliminates grain “dribble” out of the unloading auger during and after engagement. This means all of the grain in the grain tank makes it out the auger when and where the operator chooses. More grain carried out of the field means more money in your pocket.

2 Speed Hydro

Each Massey Ferguson 9505 series combine is equipped with 4 gears and a 2 speed hydro providing the ability to change between high and low range on the go. This means an operator can "downshift" at a moment’s notice when more torque is needed or "upshift" when more speed is needed.


AGCO Power Engine

Efficient, high torque, turbocharged AGCO Power 9.8L 7 cylinder diesel engines offer the latest technology with low maintenance and industry trend setting fuel economy. Paired with Tier 4 Final Compliance of SCR and CEGR technology these engines offer industry leading fuel economy and power.

Multi-Stage Cleaning

The multi-stage stratified cleaning process uses forced air to deliver full-length cleaning and less sensitivity to field slopes. Clean grain is the goal at the end of the day, the Massey Ferguson 9505 series has been designed with this in mind and does so without the complexity of other machines.

Hydraulic Cleaning Fan Drive

The Variable Speed Hydraulic Cleaning Fan will provide a wider speed range for enhanced cleaning performance. In addition to the increased operating speed range, this fan will provide the operator the ability to quickly, easily and accurately adjust fan speed to match changing crop conditions.

Enhanced Header Drive

The 9505 series combines feature an enhanced header drive system increasing durability and the horsepower being pushed to headers. This ensures the 9505 series combine can handle the high horsepower requiring headers to get your crop off quickly and efficiently.


Heated/ Cooled Seat

The seat is easily the most important piece of the comfort puzzle. The optional heated and cooled seat with leather side bolsters provides a comfortable place for the operator to spend those long hot summer days or cold fall days.

Noise and dust reduction

Many people accept noise and dust contamination as the norm in a combine. The Massey Ferguson 9505 series combine has been designed to keep these to minimal levels during operation. Again, another small detail but at the end of the day these are what make the difference.

Spacious Ergonomic Cab Layout

The cab of the 9505 series is designed with the operator in mind. The color scheme, head liner, controls layout and overall fit and finish have all been redesigned. You may think these are small details, but spending hours on end in this cab will speak for itself.

Model 9565
Engine AGCO Power 9.8L - 7 Cylinder
Rated Engine hp (kW) 460 (343)
Unload Boost hp (kW) 490 (365)
Grain Tank Capacity bu (L) 350 (12,334)

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